The 3 Zodiac Signs With Rough Horoscopes The Week Of May 9 – 15, 2022

While this week does not promise a complete negativity overhaul, there will be moments here and there, for some of us, where we just wish it would all STOP.

This isn’t the kind of week we thought we’d have, what with it being the second week in May and all, and isn’t May supposed to be the best month ever?

Well, keep that in mind, as so much of what makes this week rough for many of us is all about perception: is it really that bad, or are we making it worse than it needs to be? That is the main question of the week. Does it need to be this bad, or can we alter our mental space so that we do not have to fall into the pit of despair?

Harsh thinking is what we get when we come to understand that the planets are the hindrance here. We have Moon opposite Saturn to start with, which takes us through Moon opposite Mars, Moon opposite Neptune, and Moon opposite Venus.

That’s a lot of opposition going on, and believe me, we will be feeling it. And then there’s the biggie: Mercury in retrograde, sliding on into town on May 10, just to remind us who’s boss here.

And if we’ve learned anything, we’ve come to know that Mercury retrograde does not just HAPPEN, it glides on it, which means it’s essentially on its path for retrograde action as soon as the week begins.

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